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BREAKTHROUGH FOR MOMS: Having a child isn’t a death sentence for your body...

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Anna Paulich, RHNP & Certified Keto/Fasting coach & Dr. Maleen Avery, MD, (American Board of Obesity Medicine/Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine) 


Maleen Avery and Anna Paulich are Rebel Medicine, a weight loss physician & registered holistic nutritionist duo who empower women to take control of their weight and metabolic health by unforking their relationship with food so they can stop the maddening cycle of losing and gaining the same 25 lbs over and over again. 


With 13 years of experience as a medical doctor and 15 years experience as a health scientist & nutritionist, Maleen and Anna knew all the typical doctor-recommended ways to lose weight. But when they followed that advice to try and shed their own weight, they found themselves stuck, frustrated and questioning everything they learned in medical and nutrition school about diet.


If you’re ready to ditch restrictive diets, endless cardio, and white-knuckling it through cravings.  And instead, experience a complete mind-body transformation to change your relationship with food,  finally lose weight, and feel confident and in control again...make sure to follow Rebel Medicine.

Transform with us!